Avail Pacific build sustainable communities through
education, earth building and intelligent design.


Our projects range from large commercial and
community developments to property planning for the
Ministry of Education and the schools of Northland. 



We are passionate about architectural design and the creation of inspiring buildings and spaces. We use earth and natural timber, as well as standard building materials, in a holistic and sustainable way. Our portfolio includes commercial and residential projects.


We offer a suite of project and change management services including programme and facilities
management and, communication and stakeholder strategy. We aim to enable our clients to realise their visions and make informed decisions throughout
a stress free project.


Our work with Northland schools
and the Ministry of Education involves architectural design, project and contract administration, 5YA, and capital works programme management. We are an MoE preferred supplier for 10YP planning and project management.

We are all about community. That is at the heart of what we do.

- Pip Bolton, Founder & Director -