What we do

Avail Pacific has direct and successful experience in the design, management and delivery of major projects, offering services that include:

Determination and sustainability

- Judith

Architectural design

We are passionate about creating inspiring buildings and spaces, using earth, natural timber and standard building materials in a holistic and sustainable way.

Project management

We offer a full suite of project and change management services, including:


  • Programme and facilities management

  • Communication and stakeholder strategies

  • Project and contract administration

  • Relationship and stakeholder management.

Across both of our specialist disciplines, we offer proven expertise in:


  • Planning, contract and property activity

  • Working in multidisciplinary design and construction teams

  • Cost–benefit analysis

  • Feasibility studies

  • Time, cost and quality planning, and quality control

  • Procuring goods and services

  • Contracting and construction method

  • Contract administration

  • Risk management

  • Change management

  • Dispute management.

We manage everything in-house:

As a strong team with significant in-house expertise, our robust offering of technical specialists includes:

• A former senior building inspector
• A trained change manager
• Huge technical reserves
• Able to handle projects of any size.

We’re stronger across Northland

Our principal core strengths are that we are:

• The strongest local Northland link – the glue
between clients, the construction industry, local supply chain, stakeholders and communities, Northland-wide.

• All about the Northland community - at the heart of what we do; we’re on a mission to grow local equity and build out of poverty through education, and we care deeply about delivering on it.

• Able to service all of Northland with ease - thanks to our mid-north location in Kerikeri.

This means you get more with Avail Pacific

• Better connections into the local supply chain, communities, and stakeholders - including iwi

• We always seek the sustainable option - using earth and natural timber where we can, as well as standard building materials, in holistic and sustainable ways

• Upskilling local businesses as we go, and training Northland contractors to the highest quality standards

•Engaging, working with and adding value to local communities: our core priority.