What matters to us

Tamariki are the future of Northland communities.


At Avail Pacific we’re on a mission to grow local equity across Northland, and to build out of poverty through education.

We care deeply about delivering on this mission in everything we do – as individuals, as a team, and in the projects we design and deliver every day.

We have created a simple structure to help us focus on our key delivery themes and priorities, and to see how our actions add value to our communities - as well as where we can do more and go further as a team and in our work:

Te taha hinengaro

(mental and emotional wellbeing)

Our whare (office) is our safe place. It`s the home of our positivity, honesty and thought; somewhere we can openly talk about our industry and ask for help if needed.

This means:
We are able to admit to mistakes and feel supported by each other, working as a team to capture lessons learned to improve what we do and how we do it. 

Te taha whenua

(wellbeing of the land)

Whenua is our connection to the land - looking to improve our carbon footprint and our sustainability practices.

This means:
Thinking hard about the materials we specify in our projects and reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible

Te taha tinana

(physical wellbeing)

Our commitment to Health and Safety, in the office and on site.

This means:
It is not just for us, but for our clients, stakeholders and contractors too.

Te taha wairua

(spiritual wellbeing)

The spirit of Avail, and our commitment to cultural responsivity.

This means:
Our core values inform everything we do. It is important to us that our project methodology aligns with our shared values, so our staff have come up with their own whakatauki. Our diverse team includes two Te Reo speakers who share the language and narrative. 

Te taha whanau

(social wellbeing)

The time and effort we put into engaging with our communities - through the relationships we build with each other, on our projects, with our clients and contractors, in schools, and more widely.

This means:
We invite contractors, suppliers, clients and school reps into our office regularly, and we hold workshops with stakeholders and communities to upskill and draw them into our work.

Delivering Public Value for clients and communities

We appreciate that a fundamental priority for many client organisations in this day and age is to build and create supportive environments for your customers, and to create fit-for-purpose assets that deliver better financial and social outcomes - making a major difference in people’s ability to live happily and successfully in their communities.

We align closely with Government’s desired approach, reflecting the principles of the Construction Sector Accord. For us this involves optimising Public Value in the projects we deliver, increasing our focus on the broader outcomes to get the best possible community outcomes and benefits from our work, and using resources effectively, economically and without waste.