10 Year Property Plans and 5 Year Agreements

Oromahoe School
Matauri Bay School

The Ministry of Education advice is that a project manager must be nominated for all school property projects. As a board of trustees, you must engage a professional project manager if your project needs building consent. You can use a non-professional project manager if the project does not need building consent but there are a number of issues to be aware of when using non-professional project managers.

When you engage Avail Pacific as your professional project manager we can offer you experience in property project management and we have proven expertise in:

  • Planning, contract and property

  • Ministry of Education design standards

  • Working in multidisciplinary design and construction teams

  • Cost–benefit analysis

  • Feasibility studies

  • Time, cost and quality planning, and
    quality control

  • Procuring goods and services

  • Contracting and construction method

  • Contract administration

  • Risk management

  • Dispute management. 

All delivered within the MoE modern architectural and design parameters for Innovative Learning Environments (ILE's)