Ministry of Education
10 Year Property Plans and 5 Year Agreements

Avail Pacific Ltd are school property managers for 50 schools across Northland.

We have a clear understanding of the needs of schools and the Ministry of Education in the property planning process, and we have identified the need to work collaboratively with the Ministry, schools and the BOTs.

Our client-focused, inclusive style allows for transparent processes and stable relationship management to ensure a fair and suitable outcome, within the constraints of budget and feasibility.

We apply our experience in property project management with proven expertise in:


Planning, contract and property

- Ministry of Education design standards

- Working in multidisciplinary design and
construction teams

- Cost–benefit analysis

- Feasibility studies

- Time, cost and quality planning, and quality control

- Procuring goods and services

- Contracting and construction method

- Contract administration

- Risk management

- Dispute management